Helping Slip-And-Fall Accident Victims Recover

A slip and fall can cause more damage than most people realize. Some landings can cause serious, and even permanent, injury. Premises liability law also includes crimes that happen because of poor lighting or inadequate security.

If you have been injured because someone did not maintain their property, contact the law office of John P. McKenna, in Springfield, Massachusetts, today for a complimentary case evaluation. Because of our experience and understanding of how personal injury cases are tried in Massachusetts, we can help you get the settlement or award you deserve.

Effective Personal Injury Representation

Lawyer John McKenna handles premises liability lawsuits involving:

  • Homeowner negligence
  • Sidewalk injury
  • Falling merchandise in retail stores
  • Icy walk
  • Failure to warn
  • Swimming pool accidents
  • Stairway accidents

A property owner has the duty to maintain their property. This is especially true for spaces that are open to the public. The real tragedy is that almost all slip-and-fall injuries are preventable. If the owner had installed better lighting or cleared away the ice that built up under the drainpipe, there would have been no fall. There also would have been no hospital bills, wage loss, or pain and suffering.

The common denominator in all these cases is that someone was hurt because of someone else's negligence. Attorney John McKenna aggressively fights for justice for injured people. He strongly believes that someone who was hurt by someone else should get fair and just compensation for their pain and suffering. Call him today to find out how he can serve you.

How To Reach Our Premises Liability Lawyer

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