Helping Nursing Home Residents Recover Following Injuries

We trust nursing homes and other elder care facilities to take care of our vulnerable loved ones. Unfortunately, they do not always meet these expectations. Far too frequently, people entrusted to the care of nursing homes suffer injuries as the result of negligence and carelessness.

At the Law Office of John P. McKenna, P.C., in Springfield, Massachusetts, lawyer John P. McKenna provides skilled legal representation for injured people. If someone you love has been injured as the result of negligence by a nursing home or other residential care facility, we can help.

Fighting For Victims Of Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes suffer from a wide range of problems, resulting in a wide range of injuries to patients. Facilities are routinely understaffed, which means that each patient doesn't get the necessary care and attention. Staff may have insufficient training or work too many hours, leaving them unable to provide proper treatment.

As a result of these errors, patients may suffer dehydration, malnutrition or even starvation. Patients are given incorrect medications, resulting in serious injuries or even death. Many people in the care of nursing homes suffer bed and pressure sores because they aren't rotated frequently enough. These sores can cause serious infections, even requiring amputation.

These mistakes should not happen. Nursing homes have an obligation to provide proper care. When they don't, we can help you obtain full and fair compensation for the resulting injuries. As necessary, we handle both personal injury claims and wrongful death claims for nursing home accidents and injuries.

In addition to obtaining financial compensation for victims of nursing home negligence and elder abuse, we work diligently to ensure that the conditions of the nursing home improve. Legal action can force a nursing home to take greater precautions and change policies. As a result, residents are protected from future mistreatment.

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