Compassionate Springfield Child Injury Attorney

Nothing is more devastating to parents than the pain of their children. Kids are especially vulnerable to injury because of their small size and lack of knowledge about the world. They don't always understand the danger, which is why they must be watched at all times.

If your child has been hurt by someone else's negligence, John P. McKenna can help you. We have the experience and knowledge of the law to help you recover the maximum amount of compensation.

The Types Of Cases Our Law Firm Handles

Attorney McKenna handles child injury cases involving:

  • Dog bites
  • Day care injury
  • Wrongful death
  • Trampoline injury
  • Swimming pool injury
  • Playground injury
  • Day care neglect

Child Injury Facts

Most of the injuries that children suffer are preventable. Sometimes, the facilities that children use, like amusement parks or swimming pools, are not designed properly or are poorly maintained. Often it's a matter of understaffing or improper staffing. Failure to supervise a child can be dangerous; the great majority of dog bites happen to children. Sometimes the injury is as simple as a broken arm or leg. Sometimes the damage is more permanent — a child could suffer disfigurement, blindness, brain injury or paralysis.

If your child has been injured because of poor maintenance or lack of supervision, you need a lawyer who understands the needs of injured children. You also need an attorney with trial experience who will fight hard to get you fair and just compensation in a lawsuit.

John P. McKenna has tried over 220 cases. He understands what you and your family have been through. Call him today for a free consultation.

How To Contact Our Law Firm

Contact a Massachusetts child injuries attorney, in Springfield, for a free initial consultation by calling 866-607-0601. No attorney's fees unless you recover.

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