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Many otherwise law-abiding residents of the Commonwealth face drunk driving arrests every year. Anyone arrested for drunk driving needs an experienced OUI/DUI defense lawyer to ensure that their rights are preserved and to vigorously defend them against the charges.

Springfield DUI defense attorney John P. McKenna represents individuals arrested for OUI (also known as DWI, DUI or drunk driving). He helps people from all different backgrounds. Even if you are from out of state, driving on I-91 or I-90, we can help. Contact us at our firm if you have been charged with an OUI. We offer free initial telephone consultations.

The Penalties For OUI/Drunk Driving Conviction

The penalties for a conviction for OUI/drunk driving can be severe. Even a first offense can result in up to two and one-half years in the House of Correction, a one-year revocation of your driver's license, stiff fines and other consequences. A conviction on a second offense requires installation in your car of an interlock device to monitor blood alcohol before your car will start. This requirement, known as Melanie's Law, is one example of the increasingly severe OUI conviction penalties in the Commonwealth. Attorney McKenna has comprehensive knowledge of these statutes and the penalties, and will work vigorously to protect your rights.

Know Your Rights

If stopped for drunk driving, you can:

  • Refuse a Breathalyzer test (although there are penalties for doing so)

  • Refuse to take a field sobriety test

  • Contact an attorney

  • Remain silent

  • Receive prompt bail

  • See an independent physician for a blood test

What An Experienced OUI Defense Lawyer Can Do For You

DUI defense lawyer John McKenna has successfully defended many people against OUI charges. His courtroom reputation is so well-respected, police officers, probation officers and even judges often refer him to clients. He will investigate the charge and ask questions such as:

  • Was the traffic stop valid, or did it violate the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights or the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution?
  • Was the alleged reason for the stop a minor infraction, or a serious traffic offense?
  • What was the score on the Breathalyzer test, if one was administered?
  • Did the driver try to flee the scene or cooperate?
  • Was the driver responsive to the officer at the scene?
  • Did the driver provide both license and registration in a timely way when requested?
  • Was the driver polite or abusive?
  • Were there field sobriety tests? What were the results?

Depending on the results of his investigations, he will determine, after extensive consultation with the client, whether the outcome would be better at trial. Once the decision is made, attorney McKenna's extensive trial experience allows him to mount a vigorous and effective defense.

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