Aggressive Drug Laws Attorney

Attorney John P. McKenna is a highly qualified criminal defense attorney who can help you out when you are facing drug charges. Mr. McKenna is a former prosecutor who has tried over 220 cases.

Drug convictions carry heavier penalties than most people realize. For many, a drug offense is their first encounter with the criminal justice system. If you have been charged with a drug offense such as possession or intent to transfer, you need to retain a knowledgeable attorney who will vigorously defend your rights. Put our knowledge and dedication to work for you.

The Kind Of Trial Representation We Provide

Drug charges have two parts to them. First, there is possession. When you are charged with possession, this is saying that you had drugs on your person or in an area under your control, such as your house, apartment or car. The second part, which does not always apply, involves distribution. A charge for this requires intent to sell the drugs to someone else — also called "possession with intent to sell."

Lawyer McKenna has defended clients in a wide variety of drug cases involving:

  • Marijuana
  • Meth offenses
  • Cocaine
  • Drug sales
  • Ecstasy
  • Attempting to sell
  • Possession

What We Will Do For You

Attorney McKenna will analyze your case based upon the facts and the law to determine whether the seized evidence was lawfully taken by law enforcement.

Under the U.S. Constitution and the Massachusetts Declaration of Rights, any evidence procured in an illegal search and seizure cannot be used against anyone. A successful motion to suppress will potentially exclude the use of seized evidence. When Mr. McKenna investigates a criminal case, he asks pointed questions about the search or traffic stop. He determines whether the stop was constitutional. If the traffic stop was not constitutional, or was invalid under Massachusetts law, the case may be dismissed.

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Common Massachusetts traffic stop locations include I-91, I-90, I-291, I-391, Route 20, Route 5 and Route 9.