Firearms Violations Defense Attorney Defending Your Rights

Are your freedoms being threatened by a second offense weapons violation in Western Massachusetts? Your Second Amendment rights aren't the only ones that should be protected at such a time. Only quality criminal defense representation stands in the way of you receiving harsh, life-changing punishments — jail or prison time, heavy fines, a record as a felon, damage to your reputation, separation from loved ones, strict probation or parole conditions upon your release, and considerable harm to housing and employment prospects, to name just a few.

The experienced criminal defense lawyer who protects your rights and supports your goals is John P. McKenna of the Law Office of John P. McKenna, P.C., in Springfield, serving clients just like you in Western Massachusetts for over 20 years.

John P. McKenna has seen serious weapons cases like yours from the other side — the prosecutor's side. As a former assistant district attorney, he knows the prosecutorial mindset, and works hard to anticipate the strategies of those who would convict and punish you.

Putting Experienced Representation On Your Side

If you are charged with receiving a stolen weapon, carrying a firearm without a permit, found to be in possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime or are accused of any gun violation whose penalties could put you behind bars, you need the sound guidance of an experienced defense attorney who knows our state's courts and the mandatory sentences that defendants are subject to if convicted.

John P. McKenna conducts a detailed investigation of the circumstances leading to your arrest, looking for any sign that dubious police procedures violated your rights. He is equally adept at negotiating with prosecutors and litigating aggressively on your behalf in court, just as he has done in more than 220 jury trials during his career.

Contact An Attorney Who Supports Your Goals

Contact John P. McKenna today. Your initial consultation can be conducted at a jail, police station or courthouse after an arrest if necessary. Call our skilled Springfield armed robbery defense attorney toll free at 866-607-0601. You can also reach us by email.