Vigorous Defense Against Assault And Battery Charges

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, assault and battery are two different crimes. Assault is attempt to batter, or a threat that places the victim in reasonable fear of bodily harm. Battery is the actual harmful touching. This applies whether it takes place on the street or in a domestic abuse situation. The Commonwealth takes this crime very seriously. A conviction can lead to probation or prison. If the Commonwealth suspects domestic violence, the court may also issue a restraining order.

What To Do If You Have Been Arrested

If you have been arrested for assault, battery or sexual assault, you need to retain a qualified defense lawyer right away. John P. McKenna has tried over 220 cases. He also has experience as a prosecutor. If you are facing charges, call John P. McKenna today.

Mr. McKenna has handled assault and battery cases involving:

  • Family violence

  • Dangerous weapons

  • Serious injury

  • Husbands and wives

  • Parents and children, including elderly parents of grown children

Possible Defenses Against Assault And Battery Charges

There are a number of defenses that you may be able to use in your assault and battery case. You could make an argument for self-defense. There may be marital privilege involved. Sometimes, a case will be dismissed because there was restitution to the victim, the victim can't be located, or there are no available witnesses.

Basically, it comes down to the facts. Gathering witnesses that support your version of the story is essential. Attorney McKenna knows how to put a case together that can make the difference between prison and freedom.

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