Experienced Springfield Criminal Defense Attorney

Springfield criminal defense attorney John P. McKenna has tried hundreds of cases throughout his career. Having over 20 years criminal defense experience, he will vigorously defend you in pretrial negotiations and in court.

John P. McKenna is a former prosecutor for Hampden County and the city of Springfield. He is also a respected Massachusetts criminal defense lawyer who has taught hundreds of law enforcement officials in various areas of the law, including search and seizure, criminal law, constitutional law and evidence. As a result of those experiences, he understands the criminal justice system from all sides and can quickly identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case.

Contact criminal defense attorney John McKenna today if you have been arrested for any criminal offense in Western Massachusetts.

Zealous, Aggressive Defense Of All Criminal Charges

We help people navigate the criminal court system, and defend them against state and federal charges for:

  • Drunk driving charges, including OUI/DUI/DWII
  • Drug arrests, including drug possession, manufacturing, cultivation and trafficking at the state and federal court levels
  • Firearm and gun offenses, including armed robbery, unlawful possession of a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon
  • Violent crimes, including robbery, homicide, assault and battery, home invasion, domestic violence and manslaughter
  • White collar criminal accusations, including bribery, fraud and embezzlement
  • Theft and property crimes, including burglary, stolen property receipt, identity theft, and breaking and entering
  • Traffic violations, including leaving the scene of an accident, speeding and reckless driving

Start Protecting Your Rights Today

Once prosecutors have your case, they will begin to collect evidence against you. The sooner you contact us, the sooner we can start building your case and challenging their evidence. If you haven't received formal charges, NOW is the best time to call us. No matter where you are in the process, we can help, including defending your interests and your freedom during:

  • Pre-charging investigations, including pre-arrest negotiations
  • Plea agreement negotiations
  • Bail and bond proceedings, including signature bonds, cash bail and pretrial release
  • Post-conviction monitoring agreements
  • Probation offenses or parole revocation hearings
  • Expungement or sealing your criminal or court records
  • Immigration removal hearings resulting from criminal convictions

Free Initial Telephone Consultation

Our Massachusetts criminal defense attorney defends clients in district and superior courts. Whether you have been contacted by the police, arrested or charged, or you believe you may be under investigation, call the Law Office of John P. McKenna, P.C., immediately toll free at 866-607-0601.